79 Nautilus St. is a place that is called “home” to many friends and family that we have grown close with over the years. I live in Beachwood, NJ with my mother, her fiancé, and my sister. Although a small headcount, our dinner table is always packed full with great people and even better food. Our home is unique in some instances. Aside from the dinners starting at 9pm, we have a completely open-door policy paired with an unmatched honest and accepting environment that becomes self-executing overtime. It is a place I can call “home” even years after moving out and starting a family of my own. No matter where I go or what I do, I’m grateful to know if I need any guidance, second opinions, or even just a home-cooked meal, I will have the same supportive backbone at 79 Nautilus St. that many have had in the past.

Of course, this semester will be the first time I am away from home so I can count on homesickness to set in. My hope is that I find a way to make Heidelberg, Germany my home away from home. Each day I will take the time to find another way to emerge myself in the culture here in Germany.

Author: travelheidelberg

I am a Senior Marketing student at The College of New Jersey

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