My Story

Growing up at home, it was my mother, my three older sisters, and myself. We had each other and for that reason, we are all very close today. My mother worked away from home, so as siblings, we raised and encouraged each other to stay on the right paths to success. We share a bond unlike any other and after watching my mother support our family, I learned to be driven and passionate about anything I put my efforts in.


Holding true to my character I grew up and stayed determine in school. I attended my local county college to continue my education while also working two jobs. I then transferred to The College of New Jersey after having obtained my Associate’s Degree. I continue to commute to The College of New Jersey so I can still work in my town at home. I hope in the next year to land a position in marketing and eventually be able to support a family under a roof that holds the same morals and supportive backbone as my childhood home, 79 Nautilus St.

Everyone has a story and that is the reason I am looking forward to the Refugee Crisis course in Heidelberg, Germany.

I am excited to put my effort into an issue that is so foreign to me in America. To get close to one of the single greatest movements in history, putting the news headlines and the media aside, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope to share my story with others while also learning about the struggle the refugee families have been through. If nothing else, I hope to share a laugh and smile with the children of the refugee families. In the very least, these children deserve our support after having seen so much trouble and violence at their young age.

Author: travelheidelberg

I am a Senior Marketing student at The College of New Jersey

One thought on “My Story”

  1. My Brian,
    I am so very proud of the man that you have become. Remember that life is a great balancing act and you have the tools to succeed. I will miss you more than you can imagime and I look forward to your return. Your storytelling and laughter will greatly be missed. I can’t wait to hear of your advantures. Be alert to your surroundings, and enjoy every minute of your journey. With all my love Always, Mom

    If we drink too much, we die–If we don’t drink at all, we die– sooo….let’s drink !!!!

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