Weekend Trip in Prague

This past weekend my friends and I traveled to the Czech Republic to visit the capital city  of Prague. We toured around the Old Town Square which is considered “the heart of Prague’s historic core”. We visited the John Lennon wall, the Prague Castle, the Prague Astronomical Clock, and the many cathedrals including the most well known St. Vitus Cathedral. Only being in Prague for three days we, undoubtedly, left parts of the beautiful city unseen. Because of this, you could say another trip to Prague is inevitable.

Highlighting the most memorable parts of our trip, the Prague Cathedral is a Roman  Catholic metropolitan cathedral depicting a dark gothic architecture. Being able to see this castle from almost anywhere in Old Town, I never would have known the St. Vitus Cathedral sits entirely enclosed and protected by the Prague Castle. In fact, it was not until we got through the gates of the Prague Castle and into the courtyard that I noticed the St. Vitus Cathedral standing 317 ft. tall and completely surrounded by the castle’s architecture and protected very formerly by the Prague Castle Guards. These guards are an autonomous unit of the Armed forces of the Czech Republic directly acting as the  first line of defense for the President of the Czech Republic’s seat inside the castle.

On the other side of town, we were able to climb the Prague Astronomical Clock. Considering we missed the top of the hour on our way over to the area, we decided to reach the top of the tower for the next hour and look down on all of the town observing the show. Coincidentally, we found ourselves on the balcony of the clock tower standing directly next to the trumpeter playing on-the-hour for the crowd applauding below.

Without a lack of things to do by day, equally, we found plenty to keep our group busy by night. On the first night, we headed over to a local 80’s/90’s Pop music and video bar. It continues to blow my mind to hear how much the American, English speaking, music industry has swept most of the world. In the midst of a completely Czech culture, there is always a familiar American song playing in the background.

Come the second night of our stay, we found ourselves walking into a five-story bar. This bar was one of the most popular in Prague and it definitely delivered as expected. The ground floor was the “Ice Bar” in which you bundle up in their beer-branded parkas and hats completely surrounded by an ice bar and ice chairs. The second floor offered their “Oldies” music which brought the previous night’s adventure back to life. Continuing up the stair, floor three played “House” music you would hear in any typical American bar. The fourth floor, being the most popular, was the “Hip-Hop & Dance” music which is where we found ourselves most of the night. Finally, the top floor was the “Chill out” bar offering relaxed music with a very casual, laid-back atmosphere. You could say the diversity of this bar could please anyone in any mood. And if you didn’t like the floors current song? Simply head on up to the next floor.

As we continue to travel around Europe, we have been breaking down the language  barrier and slowly learning how to read any tram map, no matter what country we are in. Each trip is getting a bit easier to book ourselves and pull-off with no problems. The best part about traveling around Europe? Each time we come back to Heidelberg it feels more and more like a familiar home.

Author: travelheidelberg

I am a Senior Marketing student at The College of New Jersey

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