My Story (post-abroad semester)

Each part of my experiences I have portrayed through my blog will become part of my life story. The past four months are filled with many emotions and stories I will never be able to communicate to someone else to their full extent. In my first “My Story” post I stressed my upbringing and how it has shaped me today. Being in Germany this past semester has put everything I have learned to the ultimate test. Obviously, there were plenty of scenarios I could have never planned for but that is where my true character came into play.

To be honest, I could not have asked for a better group of friends to have shared my time and experience with at the European Study Center. Together, we experienced brand new countries, entirely new tram schedules, and completely foreign languages. We stuck together over the holidays as a family and I will always be grateful for the open-armed support we offered each other.

Reflecting on my excitement to begin working in the Patrick Henry-Village I expressed in my first “My Story” post, I am happy with what our group has done. Together, we created a pilot program that will continue to the next semester aiding and supporting the children at the refugee center. I am proud of the difference we have made and the relationships we have gained at the refugee center.

For the refugee children, this is only one stop in their journey and in some ways, it was only one stop in our journey as well. I am thankful the children let us share the same pit-stop in our lives and were receptive to the support and smiles we greeted them with. The most troubling part will, undoubtedly, be saying goodbye, unsure of what lies ahead for them in the coming months, weeks, or even days. But just as Ahmed had asked me to do, I will look to meet him again in New Jersey 20 years from now.

Germany and the many other countries I have visited have treated me well. I have learned so much from so many people, experiences, and events. Of course, my story does not end here. I know have plenty more experiences to share with familiar and not so familiar faces near and far in my years to come.

Author: travelheidelberg

I am a Senior Marketing student at The College of New Jersey

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