Fall Break in Italy!

Over fall break, a few weeks ago, we first stayed in the heart of Milan, Italy for three days. With a population of 1.3 million, this shopping capital of the world was continuously populated by a mixture of tourists (me) and of course the locals out and about in the city. We visited the Duomo and its respective museum that had ancient architecture on display that used to be fixated on the structure itself. Before we knew it, we found ourselves right at the archway of the entrance to all of the high-end stores. The walkway lead directly to the doormen in suits wearing white gloves to welcome you to either Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, or any other luxury brand you walked close to. The hall was shining with flashing lights reflecting on the marble floors that complimented the rich architecture. Considering the heart of the city is considered the shopping capital of the world, my favorite part of Milan was that each and every passerby was dressed to the nines in the classy and affluent-looking all black leather.

One upsetting part of our Milan trip I will never forget was, unfortunately, hearing the terrible news that a young girl from my hometown had tragically passed away. Although I was not necessarily close to her by any means, I did know of her shining personality that had touched so many lives around me. Considering I was in Milan visiting countless churches and sitting in for one of the Italian Catholic services, I wanted to pay my respects to her and her family. I lit a candle in the Chiesa San Bernardino alle Ossa, which is a church known for its dedication to those who have passed, in her remembrance of spirit, affection, and contagious smile. Her passing reminded me of home and how important it is to keep what you love close, surround yourself with positivity, and always put a smile on someone else’s face.


She truly touched lives all over this world.

From Milan, we traveled by train to Florence, our home for the next three days. On our first morning, we headed to the station to catch the next train out to Cinque Terre, the most beautiful place I have visited thus far. We stopped and walked around three of five of the villages along Cinque Terre on the Mediterranean Sea. Each of these small villages was surrounded by towering cliffs and clear blue water that made for the most memorable pictures. Speaking of memorable, I also spent the big bucks on Monterosso’s Coronarita which was a full corona tipped upside down in a frozen margarita bucket. Yes, delicious.

Considering during fall break I was only with two other kids, all of us were working together on transportation and finding our ways to museums. I have found that instead of herding like sheep in big travel groups, it is more enjoyable to branch off of the group with a few kids on our own. This way, we were forced to immerse ourselves in the culture and of course, make mistakes but also learn from them for the next trip we take. As a group, we all had agreed that by the trip to Italy for fall break we had ironed out all of the travel dos and don’ts and mastered the amateur travel tips and quicker ways to get from here to there.

  1. Book museums ahead of time
  2. Always have a water bottle with you
  3. Plan transportation before you leave the room


4.  Don’t run down a boat ramp to get a good picture…you might find yourself falling into the Mediterranean
Ciao ciao Italy, I hope to see you again soon!


Author: travelheidelberg

I am a Senior Marketing student at The College of New Jersey

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